About us

Brand Audiences
Love games, enthusiasts who pursuing excellence game performance.
Love E-sports, game players in pursuit of perfect E-sports equipment.
Love DIY, geeks in pursuit of senior IT hardware.

Company profile
EASARS Technik GmbH is a company based in Germany, a supplier of globally oriented game peripherals solutions, with R&D center set up in Hamburg and advanced production plant in Asia-Pacific region.

EASARS has been committed to game players with outstanding, excellent peripheral equipments. After years of effort, EASARS has developed more comprehensive product series, including the gaming headset, keyboard, mouse, sound box and other gaming peripherals category.

Rely on "acoustics research" and "product design" background, EASARS has long-term, intimate working relationship between outstanding design team and acoustic research institutions from Germany, Hong Kong, Taiwan etc. From the very beginning of its establishment, EASARS has set up a research center in Germany, and nominated Mr. Soeren Uherek as the chief designer, who is responsible for the development and design of the EASARS keyboard, headphone. Meanwhile, EASARS has cooperated with a number of top suppliers in signal processing, leading the way in physical multichannel, game audio, lighting effects control technology, optical engine in the industry.

Brand Concept

Easars is the global leading E-sports peripherals supplier,whose R&D center is located in Hamburg, Germany.As always, we have depth cooperation with international famous E-sports players,to carry on design and development of professional E-sports peripherals. Easars considers that good E-sports products are not only based on top technology, advanced design, but more important to restore the real E-sports fighting scene, pass the test of top professional players.

Key to victory! Easars will achieve champion dream for you.